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A safe trip is a successful trip. 
We carry the most precious cargo of all – people. 
We have an enviable record of safety.

We are consistently adding new vehicles to our fleet and the majority of these are fitted with seatbelts for passenger safety. All of our buses meet or exceed Australian Design Rules specifying minimum requirements for passenger vehicles in Australia.

Our vehicles are serviced and maintained by our own team of qualified mechanics. If any maintenance work is subcontracted to outside parties, we only use reputable and experienced companies. We have systems in place to ensure any faults or issues with the buses are recorded and fixed as soon as possible. All our buses are checked yearly by an independent safety company called Road Safety Inspections.

According to the RACV, travelling on a bus is one of the safest ways to travel. A recent report based on Australian road safety statistics found that travelling to school by bus is:

  • 7 times safer than being driven in a family car

  • 31 times safer than walking

  • 228 times safer than cycling


Bus travel is much safer than car travel!

Buses on the Road

Buses and coaches are large and heavy vehicles that can weigh anything from 5 tonnes for a mini bus to 22 tonnes for a large coach. As such, they are slower to accelerate and slower to brake than a car. For your safety do not cut in front of buses, especially when they are slowing down (for example at traffic lights) as you may not give the bus enough room to stop. Buses are longer than cars and thus when navigating many corners they may be forced to swing wide onto the opposite side of the road, or be forced to block multiple lanes in order to turn safely. When driving behind a bus, remember they do not have a central rear vision mirror, so the driver will only be able to see you behind them if you can see the bus side rear vision mirrors.

When you are driving on the road please help us to help you – Give our buses lots of room, do not cut in front of buses, as this is their braking safety zone, watch the indicators so you know where the bus is trying to go and please be patient.

We take other road users safety seriously. If you see one of our buses driving dangerously please take note of the registration, time and location and let us know so we can investigate and improve our service to road users.

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