Nuline Charter Buses

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The company known as Nuline Charter Pty Ltd was established in 1998 by our two current directors, after taking over the old Nuline Bus Services depot in Centre Rd, Bentleigh. However, with an ever-expanding fleet, the new Nuline Charter quickly outgrew the Bentleigh depot and a new depot was established at Moorabbin East. We moved our operations into our new depot in 1999.

Even though it was in 1999, before the green movement had really blossomed and taken the forefront of everyone’s minds, one of the most important considerations with the new depot was ensuring the facility was as environmentally sound as possible. Custom built as a modern bus depot, the new yard is fully concreted and designed for efficient and safe movement of buses within the lot. Driver facilities were also a consideration in the new depot, with the inclusion of a driver staff room as well as toilets and showers. Since the original construction of the land and buildings, we have constantly improved our facilities with features such as improving the office space, recycling systems for water, cleaning systems for waste water, improved workshop facilities and so on.

Since our inception we have grown to be one of Melbourne’s largest and most respected charter only bus companies and we strive to continue our successful formula of “a quality service for a fair price”.

The majority of vehicle maintenance work is performed on site at the Moorabbin East Depot. Mechanical repairs are undertaken by a team of full-time mechanics, who also oversee the operation of an apprentice program in the company’s workshop. Buses are cleaned and re-fuelled on site on a daily basis so that they are ready for service the following day.

Nuline Charter Pty. Ltd is a fully accredited bus operator and adheres to the Department of Infrastructure guidelines of accreditation. Our accreditation number is AO 000852.