Nuline Charter Buses

PH: 03 9532 2225

Since the establishment of Nuline Charter Pty Ltd in 1998, our company has earned the reputation of being one of Victoria’s most competitive charter companies.

Our policy at Nuline Charter is simple. We believe that all passengers deserve five-star safety, service and comfort, without paying like a VIP. We understand that different clients have different needs: taking 50 school children to a camp is different to escorting 15 elderly citizens to the Dandenongs. That’s why we tailor our services to suit client requirements on an individual basis.

As we specialise in catering for senior citizen and school groups, and sporting and social clubs, our drivers must be sensitive to the varying needs of their passengers. Our drivers have extensive driving experience and commentary can be provided when requested in advance. We believe you’ll find it hard to find another company offering the same level of quality service for the competitive rates we offer. We go anywhere, anytime. Please read on to find out what Nuline Charter Pty. Ltd can offer your group.